Indian Astrology

What is Astrology?

Our Indian astrology is a natural science, based on Nature where all planets play an important roll in every individual’s life span; It’s a pure calculation base on planetary position in individuals birth chart at the time of Birth.

Why Indian Vedic astrology works

Indian Vedic astrology (the astrology of ancient India), the reason astrology works is that the positions of the planets and stars at the moment of your birth reveal the map of your life, and the results of your “karmas” from past lives.

In ancient Vedic literature, the horoscope and the zodiac are often called “the kala chakra” or “wheel of time.”It’s like your astrology chart is a clock that shows the timing of your life.

But instead of three hands (indicating seconds, minutes, and hours) it’s got ten – made up of your rising sign, Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, and Rahu and Ketu (eclipse points also known as “the nodes” of the Moon).

Because of this, a highly trained astrologer can know a great deal about the WHENS of your life – when you’ll have successes and setbacks..?, when you’ll enjoy good or poor health…?, and even when you’ll die.(As such accurate time date & place is not possible to tall as its is pure calculation on planetary position)

And, of course, the clock shows the WHENS of your love life, too – revealing when you’ll have opportunities for relationships, when you’ll feel frustrated in love, and when you’ll marry. So your personal chart or “celestial clock” ticks off the events of your life.

You can’t change your clock, but you can make peace with it and make the most of your life by understanding it. It’s always good to know what will happen and when, and what WON’T happen, no matter how hard you try…

This is why Vedic astrology is considered so deeply spiritual, and a vital part of understanding your place in the Universe.

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