Indian Vastu Science

Our Great Rishi (Sage) formulated principles of Vastu, as all knowlege of Rishi Munees (sage) use to teached to their shishash(students) the Gurugyan (Knowledeg) is to tranfer from one mind to other, in this form konwlede of shastra traveled many yugas,the shastra of vastu was written down thousand of year ago,in vedas which been adepetd and developed by Great scholars of India.

                              Vastu principal is the naturalsciene whic descibs the study of Energy and Sunlight and blance of all the five elements in a manner to have maximum benefit out of it. vastu Shilpa Shastra, the ancient mystic science and the art of designing and construction house  building,town and cities temple & royal palaces,finds its origin in stapatya veda, whichin turns is a part of Atharvana Veda, one of the four veda(an ancient Indian large body of religious texts- Sanskrit literature)according to mordern reseacher this science developed during the period of 6000BC and 3000BC

                             Principal of study called Vastu Shastra were evolved thousands of years back out of experiance and foresight of our ancient indian rishi(sage) which a very valuable for well being of mankind.According to Shastras, if we worship, revere and respect the lord of these eight direction, they will shower on us their blessing and benefits.

Shloka –

Shastrenanen  Sarvasya Lokasya Param Sukham, Chaturverg Phala Prapti Shloshch Bhavedyuvam

     Shilp Shastra Pariyan Mrityoapi Sujetaam Vrajet Parmanand Janak Devanami Dimiritam

   Shilp Vina Nahi Jagtishu Lokeshu Vidyate Jagad Vina Na Shilpanch Vartate Vasau Prabho ”

Means – Because of Vastu Shatra the whole universe get good health, happiness and all round properity. Human being attain divinity with this knowledge.Follower of Vastu Shastra get not only worldy pleasure but also exexperience heavenly bliss.

   with the above Shloka it is very much clear that Vastu Shastra is universal. it is not confient to any particular group of people in the development of all humanbeing irrespective of any caste creed or religions.

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