Indra Dev or Indra is a Vedic God of firmament and is the king of Swarga (heaven) and the Devas (the heavenly beings). He is considered the God of the life-sustaining rain, thunder, lightning, storms, and rivers.

Indra is depicted as a strong man and riding his celebrated white elephant, Airavata. He wields the mighty Vajrayutha, the lightning thunderbolt as his weapon. Vajrayutha is a unique and unusual weapon, made out of the diamond-like bones of sage Dadhichi. The white horse Uchchaihshravas, which originated during the churning of milky ocean is also considered his mount.

During the Vedic times, Indra remained perhaps the most powerful of Gods, referred to the most in Rig Veda, the earliest of Vedas. In the past, the society remained largely agriculture-based, and hence, being the God of the rains, the Lord of the heaven was worshipped by our ancestors. Thus, he remained a very powerful God during the Vedic period, and immediately after that too, not only in Hinduism but also in Buddhism and Jainism.

Worshipping Indra , the king of heavens can bestow you with adequate rainfall for welfare, help gain Jupiter’s blessings, leadership qualities, fame, happiness and comforts, prosperity and protection.

 Vastu benefits:-

Placing an Indra Dev in your business location brings new people into your business network.
You will find new skilled and talented people in your organization
It is helpful in steady progress on new work, new project or new learning.

    Indra Dev is the perfect remedy for Vastu defects related to:-

  1. A toilet in East direction
  2. A wall without a window or door towards the east
  3. A shadow of a tree falling on the east wall of the house
  4. A mountain or a tall building towards the east
  5. Drainage towards the east
  6. Septic tank towards the east